Adult Ministries

There are 10 adult Sunday School classes offered at PPUMC. As Methodists, we place importance on studying Scripture with each other, so we have a variety of options for every walk of life. You can also join us for a wide variety of studies that happen during the week

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In The Name of Jesus: A Lenten Study

10am Wednesday

Join Marcus for a weekly study during Lent as we journey with Jesus’ Wilderness temptations, and discern our own needs for community, humility, and service in our lives together in faith.

Wednesdays at 10am March 4, 11, and then a week off with Spring Break, and then resume March 25 and April 1

Reading In the Name of Jesus by Henri Nouwen books are $9 on amazon, but you might find cheaper. Participants only need to read the Prologue and Introduction for week 1, week 2 will be Chapter 1, Week 3 will be chapter 2, Week 4 will be chapter 3 through the end


Women’s Bible Study

7pm Wednesday nights
Room A106
Led by Rev. Audrua Welch Malvaez, women of all ages gather to support one another and dive deep into theological issues. This class reads a variety of books ranging from Scriptural studies to reflections on Christian living. Materials can be purchased or loaned out by contacting Rev. Audrua Welch Malvaez via email or Kathy Bongfeldt in the church office. Past studies have included How God Changes Your Brain by Dr. Andrew Newberg and Mark Robert Waldman, Sacred Holidays by Becky Kiser, and Max Lucado’s study on the books of Ruth and Esther. Visitors are always welcome and are able to participate fully without having previously read the materials.


9:45 am Whataburger on 183 at Story Rd
Adults 18-22ish

We meet at Whataburger every Sunday for conversation and breakfast with the pastor’s husband. Anyone is welcome, whether you’re in currently enrolled in college or starting out in the work force. BYO Breakfast Money!


10:15 Room A111
Adults 22-40(ish)

Are you a younger person on the cusp of a major life event? Starting a new career, getting married, having your first child, buying your first house – all things that make your 20’s and 30’s an exhilarating ride. Hop on board with us and we’ll go through it together. Our group often has game nights and other events outside of the Sunday school class, too.


10:15 am A107
Adults 40+

We study the bible through class discussions of the scripture, its historical context and the applications to our daily lives. We are a group of singles and married couples with and without children.


10:15 am A106
Adults 35+

All are welcome to join us for our creative lessons each Sunday. There is a different topic each week to get your heart, mind and soul focused on God. We love visitors!


10:15 am Room A110
Women’s Group

Adults 45+


    9:45 am Room A113
    Adults 50+

    Empty Nesters


    ABC (Adult Bible Class)

    9:45 am Room A115
    Adults 50+

    Lectionary Based Bible Study


    9:45 am A102
    Adults 55+

    Exploring the Scriptures Class studies the bible using multiple translations in a teacher-led discussion forum. The teacher or members of the class read the scripture and consider, discuss and even debate its meaning for the time it was written and for our lives today. It is good to attend with your own study bible but if you do not bring a Bible we have several extras that can be borrowed in the classroom.


    10:15 am A104
    Adults 65+


    9:45 am A108
    Adults 65+

    As always visitors are welcome! To us, Namaste means “We accept you as you are.” Meeting in Room A-108 for coffee and visitation at 9:30 a.m., we have a short business meeting at 9:45 a.m before our program. This group of seniors continues to support one another through life transitions. Please, come join us for interesting programs, discussions, and fellowship.


    6pm Youth Hall (3rd Sundays)

    A small group of individuals who meets together. They begin by sharing a pot luck supper of which the main dish is provided. First time attendees are considered as guests at the meal. Conversation during the meal centers around their spiritual journey as they share their struggles and blessings. The group is learning about personal worship and deepening their spiritual journey through studying and practicing the spiritual disciplines like prayer, worship, fasting, journaling, silence and more. If you are looking for a small group and a deeper spiritual journey this group would be a good match for you.

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